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Enhance Your Property’s Natural Beauty
with Quality Timber Windows

At BDS Joinery (Leeds) Ltd we manufacturer, supply, and install joinery products and services for domestic and commercial customers. Providing quality joinery products and services that enhance the natural beauty of your property. We understand that timber windows can be an important investment, and we strive to make sure that they are manufactured to the highest standards.

At our site in Pudsey, Leeds, our joinery contractors craft bespoke timber windows for domestic or commercial customers in Leeds, Bradford, York, Harrogate, Wakefield, Sheffield, and surrounding areas.

Timber windows are a great choice for many home and business owners. As they offer a range of benefits, including improved insulation, increased security, and enhanced aesthetics. Timber windows are also highly durable and can last for many years with minimal maintenance. Making them a great investment for any property.

You can rely on BDS Joinery (Leeds) Ltd to offer a completely customised solution for your new timber windows. Taking time to understand your requirements to ensure your products are truly one of a kind.

To discuss timber windows with one of our experienced joinery contractors, contact us today.

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BDS Joinery (Leeds) Ltd is proud to be accredited by BM TRADA, and all doors also meet current BM TRADA standards. BM TRADA is part of the Element Materials Technology Group, which is a leading provider of testing, inspection and certification services, ensuring the safety, compliance and function of fire door materials and products, among other things.

Premium Timber Staircases – An Elegant and Durable Choice for Homes and Businesses Alike

When it comes to choosing the perfect staircase for your home or business, there is no better choice than a premium timber staircase from BDS Joinery (Leeds) Ltd. Not only are timber staircases beautiful and elegant, but they are also incredibly durable and will last for many years.

At BDS Joinery (Leeds) Ltd, we are proud to be one of the leading joinery manufacturers in Leeds, Bradford, York, Harrogate, Wakefield, Sheffield, and surrounding areas. Our joinery contractors are highly skilled at creating custom timber staircases that are tailored to your specific needs. Including your style preferences, and custom specifications, to ensure a perfect fit.

What’s more, timber is a strong and resilient material that is designed to last for many years. And, even when exposed to the elements, it will not warp or crack. Whilst also being resistant to scratches and other minor damage. So, you can be sure that your bespoke staircase will look just as good as the day it was installed for many years to come.

For more information on bespoke timber staircases made by experienced joinery contractors in Leeds, Bradford, York, Harrogate, Wakefield, Sheffield, and surrounding areas, contact us today. Our team are looking forward to helping you.


Joinery Manufacturers
in Leeds, Bradford, York, Harrogate, Wakefield, Sheffield, and Surrounding Areas

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Are you looking for a reliable and experienced joinery manufacturer for timber staircases, windows, and fire doors? Look no further than BDS Joinery (Leeds) Ltd. Our team of joinery contractors have years of experience in providing bespoke joinery services to customers throughout Leeds, Bradford, York, Harrogate, Wakefield, Sheffield, and surrounding areas.

At BDS Joinery (Leeds)Ltd, we manufacture bespoke timber:

All made to measure in our purpose-built facility in Pudsey, Leeds. Where our domestic and commercial clients benefit from quality furnishings for their homes and businesses.

Here, at BDS Joinery (Leeds) Ltd, we provide a comprehensive range of joinery manufacturing services to meet your needs. Our experienced team can provide you with bespoke timber joinery solutions. Made to your exact specifications and individual style preferences.

At BDS Joinery Services Ltd, we are proud to boast a team of highly experienced joinery contractors. And collectively we have been providing joinery manufacturing services for many years. During this time, we have built a reputation for quality and reliability throughout Leeds, Bradford, York, Harrogate, Wakefield, Sheffield, and surrounding areas.

What’s more, our joinery contractors are highly knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of joinery manufacturing. Making BDS Joinery (Leeds) Ltd the perfect choice for either domestic or commercial projects.  

During the manufacturing process, our joinery contractors work with premium pieces of timber to create quality windows, fire doors, and staircases with a superior finish. And with durability in mind.

Our joinery contractors are experienced in using:

  • Edge Banders
  • CAD operated CNC Routers
  • And cutting machines

Creating the perfect fire doors, staircases, or windows to your unique specifications.

Furthermore, you can choose whether you would like your products to be:

  • Part assembled.
  • Fully assembled.
  • Disassembled and installed on site.

For more information on our joinery manufacturing service for clients in Leeds, Bradford, York, Harrogate, Wakefield, Sheffield, and surrounding areas contact BDS Joinery (Leeds) Ltd today.

Fire Safety Starts with Timber Fire Doors

At BDS Joinery (Leeds) Ltd, we understand the importance of fire safety. We know that having the right fire safety measures in place can help protect you, your family, and your workforce in the event of a fire. And one of the best ways to ensure fire safety in a building is to install timber fire doors.

A timber fire door is designed to help contain fires and slow down the spread of smoke and flames. Giving you important time to evacuate if a fire should happen on your premises. Making timber fire doors an essential part of any building’s fire safety system.

As responsible joinery manufacturers, at BDS Joinery (Leeds) Ltd we provide both domestic and commercial customers with fully manufactured timber fire doors for your property in Leeds, Bradford, York, Harrogate, Wakefield, Sheffield, and surrounding areas.

What’s more, at BDS Joinery (Leeds) Ltd, our joinery contractors are experts in the manufacture and installation of timber fire doors. We have years of experience in the industry and can provide a timber fire door to suit your needs. We can also provide advice and guidance on the best type of fire door for your building.

Contact us today for more information.

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